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LA FESTA HALL !             


La Festa Hall will create and assist you in creating magical memories. 
La Festa Hall can take care of every detail, so you can enjoy this special time in your life!

Our services include:


  • Budget (La Festa Hall takes this item very seriously)
  • Availability (La Festa Hall in most cases will offer you twice the hours than other halls in most cases for less).
  • Styling and designing of event (La Festa Hall will help you with this item @ no additional charge).
  • Vendor selection (La Festa Hall has a vast selection of items that we offer).
  • Overview and education (We always answer calls. We are there to answer question from beginning to end.)
  • Wedding etiquette guidance. (You may reach us 3 different ways: Phone, Text or E-mail).
  •                                                 Phone & Text: 281-217-5200 or 713-373-6026


  • Invitation.
  • rehearsal dinner locations (La Festa Hall will let you try up to 5 different food dishes)
  • Vendor follow-up and confirmations (La Festa Hall will put you in contact directly with or vendors once you sign the contract with us)
  • Event itinerary.
  • Budget management (La Festa Hall will show you many alternatives so that you may stay with in your budget).
  • Attend all necessary meeting.
  • Manage all logistics.

Day of Event

  • Attend/conduct rehearsal.
  • Instruct and oversee all duties of participants.
  • Oversee set-up.
  • Assist bride, 15 or any other event.
  • Supervise all vendors and professionals (Including photographers, florist, and caterers)
  • La Festa Hall will have a manager on duty the day of your event to ensure everything runs as planned.
  • La Festa Hall will all Handle necessary payments.
  • Supervise entire ceremony and reception.(This item is a major importance to stop any possible complications as with the management being on duty will help avoid any issues that if unattended could become problems.
  • Attend to guests' special needs. (Again having the management on duty will help on this item as well).
  • La Festa Hall will create a magical wedding or 15!

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